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Mission Critical

Power downtime or disruption is never acceptable for data center equipment. It is common for mission critical devices to apply primary and secondary power sources. However, some network devices and entry-level servers are not designed with power redundancy. For the single corded equipment, Austin Hughes InfraPower® ATS is perfectly fit to provide dual power sources ( primary and secondary ). If the primary source becomes unavailable, it switches to the secondary power source seamlessly.

Multiple Devices

InfraPower® ATS with outlets provide power distribution features. One ATS cost effectively provides power redundancy to multiple pieces of critical equipment. InfraPower® offers ATS rackmount models with 8 to 20 IEC / NEMA outlets. Custom configurations available on request.

Amp Monitoring

InfraPower® ATS allows true RMS local Amp measurement via a digital meter. Blue LED display is easy-to-read from a distance and allows rapid access to the aggregate load on the circuit. It prevents circuit overloads during equipment installation and allows the users to plan the capacity based on actual real time current monitoring.

Input Preference Switch

Sometimes manual power input switching function is essential, especially during the maintenance service in data center. InfraPower® ATS is bundled with an Input Preference Switch. It allows user to set the power source preference to supply the output.