The Intelligent Fan Unit supports daisy chain connections allowing up to 16 fan units to be cascaded via Cat6 cables. All the fan units in daisy chain will be accessed via an IP dongle and only one single network IP address required.

Fan Unit Meter Setting & Daisy Chain

How to set

Use the dip switch no. 1,2,3,4 & 8 to set up each Fan Unit level ( up to 16 level ).

dip switch

How to connect

  • Connect each fan unit in series to the next by Cat5/6 cable, up to 16 x fan unit in a daisy chain
  • Apply the Master model as the 1st level fan unit in the daisy chain. The Master model with built-in IP Dongle and IP port will be connected to network device and WAN.
  • Apply the Slave model as the 2nd to 16th level fan units.
  • All the fan units in the daisy chain group can be remotely accessed by only 1 x true IP address
dip switch
1st level
Master fan unit model
2nd level
Slave fan unit model
3rd level
Slave fan unit model
Cat5 / 6 cable
max. 20 meters
Cat5 / 6 cable
max. 20 meters
To Network Device
for IP Access via WAN
To LINK port of next
level Slave Fan Unit
( max level: 16 )

Centralized Fan Unit Remote Management

Maximum 16 intelligent fan units in daisy chain can be remotely access by one single IP address.

ICM-02 - the associated software for Intelligent Fan Unit series supports remote management of multiple fan unit daisy chain groups. Up to 30 fan unit daisy chain group and hence 480 fan units can be IP managed remotely by one GUI.

dip switch
• Master model as the 1st level fan unit
• Only 1 x IP for 16 x Fan Unit remote access
• Daisy chain by Cat5/6 cable
• Max. distance between 2 Fan Units is 20M
• The Fan Units can be cascaded up to 16 levels
ICM-02 supports 30 x IP address (i.e. 480 x Fan Unit)
Remote access by
web-based GUI
from anywhere
around the world
5 x concurrent user for remote management