Front Panel for Local Monitoring / Control

Intelligent Fan Unit Front Panel

Advanced front panel of the Intelligent Fan Units provides an easy control and monitoring on the fan kits and airflow. User can switch on / off the Fan Kits and the fan speed can be adjusted locally. Alarm threshold setup can also be done by the control buttons.

Reduce IP Address Cost in the Network

Reduce IP Address Cost in the Network

Intelligent fan units support daisy chain connection. Up to 16 fan unit levels can be connected in a daisy chain group and to be remotely accessed via only 1 IP address.

User can remotely manage the intelligent fan unit groups by the management software in providing uptime and improving productivity.

High Density Fan Unit Management

GUI of ICM-02

ICM-02 - the associated software for Intelligent Fan Unit series supports remote management of multiple fan unit daisy chain groups. Up to 30 fan unit daisy chain groups and hence 480 fan units can be remotely managed via IP by one GUI.

Automatic Fan Speed Control

Automatic Fan Speed Control

The User always wants to achieve the optimum airflow adjustment but with minimum operational cost for energy consumption.

Automatic fan speed control can be set locally or remotely, so that fan speed can be adjusted according to the alarm threshold and the temperature detected by the external sensor.

At a normal temperature the fan speed is kept at mid-level. Fan speed is increased when temperature rises above the threshold.

Diversified Form Factor Options

Diversified Form Factor Options

Various heat density issues require different airflow solutions.

InfraCool® offers various fan unit form factor options in order to provide the corresponding airflow enhancement to every different rack area heat density issue.

33U Door Mount Panel is able to extract hot air from rear of rack or intake front cool air to the rack. 1U Fan Tray can exhaust hot air out of the top of rack or intake bottom cool air into the rack.