Suggested Sensors / Devices Allocation

One Box One Rack
Item Rack
EC Box 1
LED Light Bar 2
Smoke Sensor 1
Door Sensor 2
Flashing LED Beacon 1
Temp. & Humid. Sensor 2
Shock Sensor 1
Fan Unit 2
Water Sensor 1

Rack Level Connection

Rack Level Connection
EC 300M as the 1st level master EC box
The EC box can be cascaded up to 16 levels
Only 1 x IP for 16 x EC box remote access
Daisy chain by Cat5/6 cable
Max. distance between 2 EC box is 20M
Max. distance in a daisy chain group up to 300M
IGM-03 supports 30 x IP address ;
480 x EC box ;
Thousands of Environmental Sensors ;
Remote access by
web-based GUI
from anywhere
around the world
5 x concurrent user for remote management