InfraGuard Manager IGM-03 is a FREE environmental sensor management software to monitor up to 30 Master IP Groups remotely ( max. 16 EC box levels in each Master IP Group ), total 480 EC boxes. Each EC box can connect a variety of sensors to provide an environmental monitoring solution to secure high levels of data center operational stability and flexibility.

To enhance the functionality, up to 1,920 x kWh PDU / Remote Fan Unit can be monitored through IGM-03 GUI as well. 5 concurrent user access are bundled for achieving the demand of multi-user / multi-tasking in nowadays’ time-sharing data center operation.

Features IGM-03
Capacity Master IP Group ( just 1 for 16 EC box levels ) 30
EC Box Number 480
Concurrent User 5
Device Overview Status of Sensor, PDU, Fan Unit & Door [yes]
Device Setting / Audio and Visual Output Setting [yes]
Sensor Peripheral Status Monitoring [yes]
Location of Sensor / Peripheral [yes]
Temp-Humid Alarm Setting / Rising Alert Threshold Setting [yes]
PDU Energy Consumption kWh / Amp Monitoring [yes]
Outlet Level Measurement [yes]
PDU Outlet Schedule [yes]
Outlet Switch On / Off [yes]
Amp Alarm Threshold Setting [yes]
Amp Rising / Low Alert Threshold Setting [yes]
Temp-Humid / Circuit Breaker Monitoring [yes]
Fan Unit CFM & Temp. Monitoring [yes]
Unit CFM ( fan speed ) Setting [yes]
Auto CFM Control Setting [yes]
Individual Fan Kit On / Off [yes]
Fan Unit On / Off [yes]
Log / Report
System & Device Event [yes]
Device Log / Reporting [yes]
  • >> Sensor Status
  • >> Sensor Setting
  • >> Door Status
  • >> Door Setting
IGM-03 Sensors
  • >> Status
  • >> PDU / Temp + Humid Setting
  • >> Outlet Schedule
  • >> PDU Log
  • >> Outlet kWh Log
  • >> Outlet Switch On / Off
  • >> Status
  • >> Fan Unit Setting
  • >> Temp. Setting
IGM-03 Fan