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Traditionally, data center racks are equipped with two PDUs positioned in the rear left and right side respectively.

InfraPower W series Dual Feed PDU is designed to house two PDUs in a single chassis which only requires one side installation. Hence, this facilitates PDU setup and saves spacing. Users also benefit from the Red + Blue colored layout to distinguish the primary & secondary PDUs.

Quick and Easy PDU Upgrade

Creatively, Austin Hughes develops 1 Meter 2 PDUs solution - InfraPower W series Dual Feed PDU. The sophisticated LCD touchscreen meter is integrated in a single chassis but for both primary and secondary PDUs. The meter not only allows local monitoring for 2 PDUs, but also supports up to 16 cascade levels. By the patent IP dongle, only one IP is required to access up to 32 PDUs in a single cascade group.

Advanced In-Line Meter

It becomes one of the cable management standard to separate power and data cables inside a rack. On the one hand, it minimizes the erratic data transfer as well as EMI. On the other hand, it distinguishes the power & data cabling.

By InfraPower Dual Feed PDU, power & data cable separation is easily achieved. In addition, space-saving design and Red + Blue distinguishable layout contribute to a well-organized rack cabling.

Remote PDU Monitoring

Power and data cables should be kept apart in order to avoid interference. It is a typical practice to isolate power cabling to one side of the rack, whether it is for primary or secondary power connection. InfraPower Dual Feed PDU series offers an efficient, convenient & space saving solution - Primary & Secondary PDUs are integrated to one unit with dual power feed.

Remote PDU Monitoring