IP Dongle & Daisy Chain

Patented IP Dongle provides IP remote access to the PDUs by a true network IP address chain. Only 1 x IP dongle allows access to max. 16 PDUs in a single daisy chain.

Daisy Chain IP Dongle

Highly Efficient PDU Management

IP Dongle
  • Patented design
  • Hot pluggable for easy integration
  • Allows IP remote access to the PDUs by a single network IP
  • One IP dongle supports max. 16 PDUs in daisy chain
  • Highly cost effective method to access the intelligent PDUs
  • SNMP Capability v2 / v3

High Density PDU Remote Management

W Series combines the edges of high efficient hardware connection and software remote management for an Ultra High Density PDU Remote Management.

High Density PDU

Save the IP Address Cost of Your Data Center

Free IPM-04 :
50 x IP Group
800 x PDU
5 x Concurrent User
3rd Party DCIM ( via SNMP ) :
Cost-efficient PDU management
can be achieved by applying
IP dongle & daisy chain