InfraSolution® X provides 3 connection ways - Daisy Chain , Star and Mixed.
Which connection users apply is related to the site scale, environment and users’ requirements.

< I > Daisy Chain

Connect all InfraBoxes by Cat5/6 cable, and no any network switch required

Key Benefits

  • Simple connection
  • No network switch required
  • Appropriate for small networks
daisy chain connection

< II > Star

Connect to network switch by a point-to-point connection

Key Benefits

  • Appropriate for large networks
  • Increased fault tolerance
  • Easy for troubleshooting
star connection

< III > Mixed

Combining daisy chain with star connection

Key Benefits

  • Most effective and practical for large scale of networks
  • Take all advantages of Daisy Chain and Star connection
  • Flexible to meet a variety of network environments and needs
mixed connection