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Reboot & Monitor Your Device Over IP

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Remote power reboot and monitoring functions are essential for hardware systems. MiniBoot Web Power Reboot & Monitoring device offers a cost-efficient power solution for any environment with electronic devices or systems. Users can try to recover the crashed device by remote reboot, reducing the need to send engineers to site (less personnel and travel costs by negating the need for staff to be at the equipment location) therefore improving uptime and productivity. MiniBoot local meter provides a local 3-digit RMS current measurement with accuracy ± ( 3% of the reading + 5 last digits ) RMS. It helps avoid current overload in a mission critical equipment environment.


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Key Features

  • MiniBoot - Remote Reboot to Recover Your Device

    Remote Reboot to Recover Your Device

    • When a complete restart is required MiniBoot provides a simple and easy way to reboot a hardware device.
    • In addition to manual on/off, MiniBoot provides 3 kinds of auto outlet control:
      1. IP-Ping automatically detects a failed system for timely reboot
      2. Outlet on/off by sensor condition
      3. Outlet on/off scheduling
  • MiniBoot - Enterprise Level IP Authentication

    Enterprise Level IP Authentication

    • Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3 / LDAPS).
    • Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, or local credential database.
    • Strong passwords and granular user/user group permissions.
    • Support high-speed network IP via Gigabit (1000Base-T) Ethernet LAN port
  • MiniBoot - Diversified Outlets & Inlets

    Diversified Outlets & Inlets

    • Variety of outlets & inlets available for different regional power requirements
    • Outlet : US NEMA, IEC C13, UK BS1363, German Schuko CEE 7/3 or French CEE 7/5
    • Inlet : C20 for different regional power cords (Custom inlet available on request.)
  • MiniBoot - Save Manpower & Travel Costs

    Save Manpower & Travel Costs

    • Restart the problem device by remotely power on & off, MiniBoot allow user to recover the equipment via network IP.
    • Reduce manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to actually be at the equipment location, improving uptime and productivity.
  • MiniBoot - Power Monitoring via Network & Local Meter

    Power Monitoring via Network & Local Meter

    • Allows remote monitoring via the free Graphic User Interface (GUI).
    • Provides local current monitoring via MiniBoot blue LED ammeter.
    • Allows user to establish the remaining capacity prior to adding a new device to the MiniBoot, plus displays the current being drawn and receives threshold alerts remotely.
  • MiniBoot - Sensors & WiFi

    Sensors & WiFi

    • Variety of optional sensors : Temperature & Humidity, Temperature, Smoke, Door.
    • Option to connect via a WiFi kit (IPD-WIFI) complying with 802.11 g/n/ac.
  • MiniBoot - Remote Management

    Remote Management

    • Simultaneous access via free management web GUI.
    • SNMPv1/v2 & SNMPv3 for integration to DCIM.
    • Remote management protocols: HTTP(S); SSH Command Line Interface; Telnet; SMTP; IPv6/IPv4.
  • MiniBoot - Alerts / Alarms

    Alerts / Alarms

    • Receive alerts via SNMP, email (SMTP), and syslog when predefined thresholds are exceeded for both MiniBoot and environmental sensor events.
    • Common SNMP MIBs (Management Information Base) for all MiniBoot models.


Austin Hughes MiniBoot Single Feed Single LAN Hardware Diagram
  1. RMS current meter
  2. Sensor port x 2
  3. Serial port x 1
  4. Gigabit IP LAN port x 1
  5. USB Wifi port x 1
  6. Switched outlets ( US NEMA, C13, UK, Schuko or French )
  7. C20 Inlet ( Custom inlet available on request )
  8. Resettable fuse


Unlike a rack PDU which is mounted inside an IT server rack enclosure, MiniBoot can be applied in diversified applications. MiniBoot is designed for a variety of industries – Transportation (Air, Land and Sea), Broadcasting, Entertainment, Advertising, Manufacturing, Mining, Satellite, Defense, Education, Telecommunication, Finance & Banking, Commercial, etc.

MiniBoot PDU Applications - Commercial Offices, Telecommunication Offices, Satellite Stations, Digital Signage, Video Walls, & Service Centers
  • Commercial Offices
  • Telecommunication Offices
  • Satellite Stations
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Walls
  • Service Centers
  • ATM Machines
  • Shopping Mall Kiosks
  • Airport Check-in Kiosks
  • Transportation Ticketing System
  • Vending Machines
  • Information Desks
MiniBoot PDU Applications - ATM Machines, Shopping Mall Kiosks, Airport Check-in Kiosks, Transportation Ticketing System, Vending Machines, & Information Desks
MiniBoot PDU Applications - Factory Automation Systems, Production Plants, Assembly Line, Quality & Control Line
  • Factory Automation Systems
  • Production Plants
  • Assembly Line
  • Quality & Control Line
  • Universities
  • Education Institutes
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Tutorial Classes
  • Training Rooms
MiniBoot PDU Applications - Universities, Education Institutes, Lecture Theatres, Tutorial Classes, & Training Rooms

Remote Reboot & Amp Monitoring Over IP

Remote power management helps reducing manpower and hence improving uptime and productivity. It also benefits users with capacity planning and increasing the overall efficiency of the power management. MiniBoot offers two remote power management solutions for users’ selection.

Built in MiniBoot GUI

A user-friendly GUI is included with MiniBoot. The Administrator can remotely manage the MiniBoot via the web browser. It provides individual outlet switching On/Off, current monitoring and alarm alert functions. With enterprise level IP authentication, the administrator can manage the MiniBoot remotely with high security.

Functions & Features

SNMPv1/v2 & SNMPv3 for integration to DCIM

MiniBoot supports SNMP V1 / V2 / V3 integration for clients requiring remote management of the MiniBoot using their existing DCIM ( Data Center Infrastructure Management ) in order to centralize the management for monitoring power, cooling and environmental factors across facilities and IT systems.

Functions & Features

Accessories & Options

Free Mounting Kit

MiniBoot PDU Universal Open Frame Mounting Kit

Side Mount Kit

  • Included with all MiniBoot models
  • Enables easy installation into existing kiosks, walls, work panels and furniture
MiniBoot PDU Rack Mount Kit

Rack Mount Kit

  • Included with 8-port MiniBoot models
  • 19″ horizontal rack mount version

Lockable IEC

Lockable IEC Outlet - C13

Lockable C13 Outlet

  • Lockable C13 outlet models are available to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection
  • Supports standard or switched outlets
  • Compatible with lockable C13 power cords for outlet locking features
Lockable IEC Cord - C13

Lockable Color C14-C13 Cord

  • Connect to lockable C13 outlets to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection
  • Selection:
    Black / Grey / Red / Blue / Orange / Green
    C14 – C13: 0.5M / 1M / 2M
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