In order to provide the adequate airflow and minimize the operational cost for data center energy consumption, InfraCool® Intelligent Fan Units support automatic fan speed control. It can be set locally so that fan speed can be adjusted according to the alarm threshold and the temperature detected by the sensor.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor
Bundled Temp. Sensor

Bundled Temp. Sensor

Part no. : IG-T01-2M

  • Plug & Play
  • External sensor with 2M cord
  • Low profile design with magnetic base for easy affixing to the rack

Optional 4M cord for Temp. Sensor

Audio Temperature Alarm Setting

Using the dip switch no.7 to setup each FAN unit audio alarm as below :

Dip switch 7
Enable On
Disable Off

Alarm Temperature Setting

Alarm Temperature Setting

How to set alarm temperature :

  • Hold right arrow for 5 seconds.
  • Press left arrowright arrow button to set the alarm temperature.

How to set temp. unit ( Celsius or Fahrenheit ) :

  • Hold left arrow for 5 seconds.
  • Press left arrowright arrow button to set the temp. unit.

Fan Unit CFM Setting

To save the energy, the fan unit provides a CFM setting by three levels :

  • Normal ( Approx. 60% of the unit CFM )
  • High ( Approx. 75% of the unit CFM )
  • Max. ( Approx. 100% of the unit CFM )

Please set the CFM according to the environmental conditions.

Fan Unit CFM Setting

How to set unit CFM :

  • Press up arrowdown arrow button to change the fan unit CFM setting.