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KVM Extenders & IP KVM Gateways


Austin Hughes manufactures a variety of KVM gateway & extender solutions.

CyberView KVM-Over-IP Gateway (1 Port IP KVM / IP KVM Extender) series offers VGA-based and HDMI-based models. Both models support remote IP 1080 KVM access from anywhere in the world via a web browser. Our IP based method employs enterprise grade security using AES encryption. BIOS-level Access removes the need to ever be physically present with servers.

CyberView KVM Extenders with Keyboard / Mouse / Video / USB / Audio extension fit any application. These units can be used to extend distances between connected computers, KVM switches, and user consoles, up to 150 meters (500 feet) or 70 meters (230 feet) away via a single Cat6 cable. CyberView Extenders support HDMI or VGA sources up to 4K resolution, and can be adapted to support any video type.

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