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Rack PDU


PDU Series Basic Metered Monitored Switched
Outlet Level Measurement Over IP
Outlet ON / OFF Switching Over IP
Circuit / Phase Amp – kWh Measurement
2.8″ Color Touch LCD Meter
Billing Grade Meter Accuracy Within +/- 1%
Hot Swappable Meter
Field Replaceable DC Module
Latching Relay
32 / 16 Daisy Chained PDUs Supported on 1 IP
Free Management Software
SNMP Capability V2 / V3
Phase Balance % for 3-Phase PDUs
Local Meter
Tool-less Mounting for Vertical PDU
0U / 1U / 2U From Factors
Operating Temperature -5°C to 60°C
1-Phase230V / 208V / 110V
1-Phase Dual Feed 230V / 208V / 110V
3-Phase 400V / 208V
3-Phase Dual Feed 400V / 208V
OutletsUS NEMA / C13 / C19 / UK / SCH / FR
Lockable IEC
Fused IEC
OptionsResettable Fuse / Hydraulic MCB
ELCR / Surge Protector / EMI Filter
RCM (Residual Current Monitoring Module)
Wifi Kit (One Kit Supports Max. 32 PDUs)
Temp., Humidity, Smoke, & Door Sensors
Door Mount PDU Panel w/ 4.3″ Color LCD
Custom PDUs on Request
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