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Metered ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Video

Most data centers provide power source redundancy in order to ensure critical devices have no power related downtime. Many rackmount IT devices, however, are not designed to take advantage of power redundancy. Metered MD Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are ideal for single-corded network devices and entry-level servers that are not designed with power redundancy.

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Austin Hughes Range of Pro AV Solutions

Austin Hughes Range of Pro AV Solutions

The benefits of intelligent rack PDUs are not limited to traditional IT and Data Centre installations. Cities and building design have evolved to become smarter, with intelligent infrastructure playing a vital role. Within new office and mixed-use buildings, including the spectacular high-rise towers under development in many cities, intelligent power strips can be found supporting professional Audio-Visual equipment, CCTV, Access Control, network infrastructure and lift control.

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Rack PDU vs Powerstrip

PDU vs Power Strip

Both PDUs and standard household power strips are designed for splitting and distributing power to multiple attached devices. They both have multiple electric power outlets and an inlet with a power cord. What are the actual differences between these two power devices? Which one is better, more stable and reliable? Can we apply standard power strips to racks in server rooms or data centers?

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