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Austin Hughes Range of Pro AV Solutions

Austin Hughes Range of Pro AV Solutions

The benefits of intelligent rack PDUs are not limited to traditional IT and Data Centre installations. Cities and building design have evolved to become smarter, with intelligent infrastructure playing a vital role. Within new office and mixed-use buildings, including the spectacular high-rise towers under development in many cities, intelligent power strips can be found supporting professional Audio-Visual equipment, CCTV, Access Control, network infrastructure and lift control.

Rack Power Management

InfraPower Intelligent rack mounted Power Distribution Units (PDUs) can be found supporting professional Audio-Visual equipment installations around the world. As such installations can encompass high value equipment, consideration should be given to powering them with PDUs featuring individual socket fusing to provide an additional level of protection. Socket switching functionality would also enable equipment to be bought back online gradually and without overloading systems.

Horizontal rack PDUs with multiple socket configurations including UK, IEC and Schuko sockets to suit various equipment (as well as multiple sockets per individual power strip) are available from Austin Hughes. Intelligent PDUs including Switched Sockets and Monitored Strip available with Surge Protection. 

Horizontal 1U / 2U Intelligent PDU
IP Dongle for Intelligent PDU

IP Dongle required for remote management and provides IP remote access to the PDUs by a true network IP address chain. Only one network IP is required for up to 32 x enterprise level intelligent PDUs in a single daisy chain by Cat5/6 cable, significantly reducing the number of ethernet ports used in deployment. Features remote level and ID setting for cascaded Intelligent PDU’s. Austin Hughes InfraPower Intelligent rack PDUs are supplied with SNMP or FOC management software.

4K & FHD Rack Console Drawers & KVM

CyberView is a comprehensive range of rack mount LCD Console Drawers and KVM switches from Austin Hughes. Used in Data centers, Control Rooms, Broadcasting, Remote Locations and OEM systems builds.

Rack LCD Console Drawers in 4K Ultra High Definition available with Large LCD, Dual Slide, Ultra Short Depth options. Multi-display Console Drawers with 2 or 3 backlit displays, optional integrated KVM, 104-key keyboard (in a choice of languages) with either trackball or touchpad.

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) LCD Console Drawers

  • K117                1U 17″ 4K LCD Console Drawer
  • K123                1U 23″ 4K Large LCD Console Drawer
  • DK117              1U 17″ 4K Dual Slide LCD Console Drawer
  • DK1417           1U 17″ 4K Dual Slide Short Depth LCD Console Drawer
  • RKP2417K      2U 17″ 4K Dual Slide Short Depth LCD Console Drawer
4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) LCD Console Drawers

1080p Full High Definition (FHD) LCD Console Drawers

  • F117                1U 17″ 1080p LCD Console Drawer
  • F119                1U 19″ 1080p LCD Console Drawer     
  • F121                1U 21″ 1080p Large LCD Console Drawer
  • DF117             1U 17″ 1080p Dual Slide LCD Console Drawer
  • DF1417           1U 17″ 1080p Dual Slide Short Depth LCD Console Drawer
  • RKP2417F      2U 17″ 1080p Dual Slide Short Depth LCD Console Drawer
1080p Full High Definition (FHD) LCD Console Drawers

CV-801K 4K 60Hz KVM Switch

  • 4K KVM with 8 HDMI USB ports in 1U
  • DP or HDMI video input
  • HDMI USB ports plus 2 USB-hub ports in 1U
  • 4K, 2K and 1080p resolution support
  • Multi-platform for PC, server, blade server & SUN / MAC
  • Hot pluggable, no software/drivers required
4K 60Hz KVM Switch

CyberView KVMs Now Support 1080p over Network IP.
New 1080 IP KVM Network Board expands video support for
CyberView IP KVMs to also support remote access with resolutions up
to 1080p (1920 x 1080).

IP KVM Switch - 1080p support over Network IP

MiniBoot – Reboot & Monitor Your Device Over IP

MiniBoot provides a simple and easy way to reboot a hardware device remotely over IP when a complete restart is required. In addition to manual on/off, MiniBoot provides 3 kinds of auto outlet control: IP-Ping automatically detects a failed system for timely reboot, Outlet on/off by sensor condition, and Outlet on/off scheduling.

MiniBoot Power Switch Over IP

Enterprise Level IP Authentication via Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3 / LDAPS). Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, or local credential database. Strong passwords and granular user/user group permissions. Power Monitoring via Network and Local Meter. Remote Management utilising the built-in Graphic User Interface (GUI) or via third party DCIM via SNMP V2 / V3. Users can try to recover the crashed device by remote reboot, reducing the need to send engineers to site, improving uptime and productivity.

Options include diversified inlets and outlets, sensors, plus a WIFI option.

Unlike traditional rack power strips – mounted inside server rack enclosures, the MiniBoots smaller form factor brings innovativeness in power distribution outside the rack. The MiniBoot is designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries in a variety of environments – Transportation (Air, Land and Sea), Broadcasting, Entertainment, Advertising, Manufacturing, Mining, Satellite, Defense, Education, Telecommunication, Finance & Banking, Commercial, and more.

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