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Rack Power Management – Minimising the Risk of Downtime

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Rack Power Management – Minimising the Risk of Downtime

Within an organisation multiple departments, such as Facilities, IT, AV, and Security, utilise the intelligent power and/or the data within racks and enclosures. One common objective of all departments is minimising the risk of downtime, any outage can have a severe impact and implications on a business.

“According to a report by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, an hour of downtime on average costs data centre operators $260,000.”

datacenterknowledge.com (Nov 2018)

Preventative Measures

There are some simple steps which can be taken to reduce risk, including:

  1. Utilising smart card access control can provide an added layer of physical security providing Data Centre Managers reassurance with notifications alerting them to unauthorised access to racks, as well as full audit logs.
  2. Sensors integrated with either InfraSolutionX Rack Access or InfraPower Rack PDUs can enable parameters to be set for sensors such as temperature and humidity in addition to power variations.
  3. The addition of IEC accidental release sleeves to reduce unintentional removal of equipment cords from the PDU.
  4. Different coloured PDUs at the rack level to differentiate between the primary and redundant (A&B) feeds into equipment, removing ambiguity for engineers. Alternatively, Dual Feed PDUs where the A&B feed are in the same PDU.
  5. PDUs have hot swappable digital local touchscreen display’s and field replaceable DC power modules negating the need to power down equipment to switch out components.

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