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Austin Hughes Range of Pro AV Solutions

Austin Hughes Range of Pro AV Solutions

The benefits of intelligent rack PDUs are not limited to traditional IT and Data Centre installations. Cities and building design have evolved to become smarter, with intelligent infrastructure playing a vital role. Within new office and mixed-use buildings, including the spectacular high-rise towers under development in many cities, intelligent power strips can be found supporting professional Audio-Visual equipment, CCTV, Access Control, network infrastructure and lift control.

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Austin Hughes New MiniBoot Video

Check out our latest video on the MiniBoot product range – enabling you to reboot and monitor your device over IP.

MiniBoot offers a cost-efficient power reboot solution for a variety of industries such as transportation, broadcasting, manufacturing, defense, and commercial. Users can recover the crashed device by remote reboot, negating the need for staff to actually be at the equipment location, improving uptime and productivity.

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