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Command & Control Center Solutions

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What is a Command & Control Center?

Control Centers provide centralized management, monitoring and control of an organizations network operations. Whether this is in the IT arena where a Network Operations Center (NOC) is often overseeing data center and server room environments or a Command and Control Center specifically utilised by government, military and defense for wider applications.

Command Control Center (CCC) & Network Operations Center (NOC) Banner

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Within large scale data center and server room environments NOCs manage and oversee the network and IT infrastructure of the organisation 24×7 or outsource to NOC service providers who have remote access to infrastructure. The NOC support team improves facility uptime by detecting issues, implementing changes and via dashboards can monitor and manage equipment down to the rack level.

Command & Control Centers

Command & Control Centers, sometimes referred to as situation rooms, usually refer to government and military applications. Used to monitor, manage, and respond to incidents as well as day to day events, using data to make informed decisions. 

Command & Control Centers require both rack mount and industrial IT solutions which Austin Hughes have extensive experience in supplying. Including air traffic control towers, mobile control centres for rapid deployment, aircraft carrier control rooms, military, transportation, and broadcast applications.

KVM Switches for Server / PC / Device Control

All-in-one Control Solutions

Austin Hughes offers a large variety of KVM switches designed to allow users to control & switch between all the computers in an environment from a single convenient 1U rack mount solution.

CyberView KVMs have been designed to be driver-free to work with all known software and computer platforms, and have been tested and approved with CE, UKCA, FCC, REACH, RoHS3, WEEE Certifications for IT, manufacturing, SOHO, commercial, military, government, and broadcast applications.

CyberView KVMs support high definition resolutions up to 1080p & 1920 x 1200 (via local, remote, and IP*).

Austin Hughes Cat6 KVM Switch with Local Rack Console, IP & Extended Users - Diagram
Austin Hughes CyberView Network IP Session
Network IP Users

Access all your servers remotely with high performance IP 1080p*

CyberView IP KVMs only require a web browser to connect to computer sources remotely from anywhere in the world. Our IP based method employs enterprise grade security using AES encryption. BIOS-level Access removes the need to ever be physically present with servers.

PDF1080p IP Brochure

Austin Hughes CyberView KVM Extender Receiver
Extended Users

Integrated KVM Extenders – Remote Access

CyberView KVMs can also be optionally controlled by users from up to 150m (500ft) away. Integrated CATx extenders allow you to easily connect the included remote user stations over single CATx cables.

Extenders (Keyboard / Video / USB / Audio)

Austin Hughes manufactures a variety of KVM Extenders with Keyboard / Mouse / Video / USB / Audio extension to fit any application. These units be used to extend distances between connected computers, KVM switches, and user consoles, up to 150 meters (500 feet) or 70 meters (230 feet) away via a single Cat6 cable, or unlimited distance accessible from anywhere in the world via IP web. CyberView Extenders support HDMI or VGA sources up to 4K resolution, and can be adapted to support any video type.

All KVM Extenders

Austin Hughes KVM Extenders

Professional LCD Displays for Control Centers

Our professional and commercial grade LCD panels are specifically design for many business applications. Combining advanced features with superior video performance and image quality, help you communicate colorfully.

Our professional LED displays are meticulously designed to meet professional and environmental demands including High brightness, Front protection, Anti-reflective/Vandal proof glass, DC power input, Brightness dimming and Mounting kit for VESA-mount, Universal-mount, Overhead tilted wall-mount and Desktop stand.


Panel sizes: 55″, 43″, 32″, 28″, 24″, 23″, 21″, 20″, 19″, 17″, 16.2″, 15″, 13″, 12″, 10″

Standard Brightness

Aluminum front bezel

NEMA 4 / IP65 front protection

Aluminum front bezel
+ NEMA 4 / IP65 front protection

Aluminum front cover

Universal open frame

Chassis Customization

  • Dimension
  • Color & Treatment
  • Screen Printing
  • Stainless Steel Brezel

Sun Readable / High Brightness

High Readable Brightness

Aluminum front bezel

High Readable Brightness
NEMA 4 / IP65 front protection

Aluminum front bezel
+ NEMA 4 / IP65 front protection

High Readable Brightness

Aluminum front cover

High Readable Brightness

Universal open frame

Remote Power Management, Control, & Redundancy

Our remote power solutions help you manage all of your IT equipment remotely. No more annoying power-outs or having to visit the data center!

Dual-Feed Rack PDU

Power Distribution & Monitoring Units


InfraPower Power Distribution Units encompass Basic PDUs, Metered PDUs, and Intelligent PDUs. Offered in many sizes and configurations, our Rack PDUs provide the voltage, current, outlet number and type of connections required to fit any need.

All Rack PDUs

Dual-Feed PDU

Save valuable rack space with Austin Hughes Dual Feed rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Dual Feed PDUs are designed to house two PDUs in a single chassis. Colored PDU layout distinguishes between primary and redundant (A&B) power feeds.

All Dual-Feed Rack PDUs

1-Phase Inline Meter

Power Monitoring Units

Rack Inline Meter

InfraPower Power Distribution Units encompass Basic PDUs, Metered PDUs, and Intelligent PDUs. Offered in many sizes and configurations, our Rack PDUs provide the voltage, current, outlet number and type of connections required to fit any need.

Note, Intelligent PDUs support the same power monitoring functionality as Rack Inline Meters – no separate units required for inline power monitoring.

All Inline Meters

Intelligent Rack ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch

Redundant Power

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

For IT rack-mount devices not designed with power redundancy, InfraPower rack mount Automatic Transfer Switches (or ATS) with dual power inputs provide reliable and redundant power for single-corded equipment.

All Rack ATSs

MiniBoot PDU

Remote Power Control


Remote power reboot and monitoring functions are essential for hardware systems. MiniBoot Web Power Reboot & Monitoring device offers a cost-efficient power solution for any environment with electronic devices or systems. Users can try to recover the crashed device by remote reboot, reducing the need to send engineers to site (less personnel and travel costs by negating the need for staff to be at the equipment location) therefore improving uptime and productivity. MiniBoot local meter provides a local 3-digit RMS current measurement with accuracy ± ( 3% of the reading + 5 last digits ) RMS. It helps avoid current overload in a mission critical equipment environment.

Note, Intelligent PDUs support the same remote reboot & monitoring functionality as MiniBoot – no separate units required for these features.

All MiniBoots

Server Room – Racks & Accessories

Computers / sources would be separated from the workspace and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned, so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated.

Infra-S8-NSR-8252 - 52U InfraRack S8 Standalone 800W NSR Medium Duty Rack - 1128mm Deep

Intelligent Racks

Designed to meet the needs of data center managers the InfraRack Intelligent Server Rack Series combines the features and functionality of Austin Hughes popular server rack with enhanced rack access control.

InfraRack is pre-configured with smartcard handles, LED light bar and temperature sensor making it the intelligent choice.

All InfraRack

IT Rack Solutions – Server Enclosures, Wall Mount, 2-Post, IP55, ODF, etc.

Austin Hughes designs UltraRack IT server racks, IP55 Water & Dust Resistant Racks, 2-Post Racks, Fiber ODF Racks, InfraAisle cold aisle containment, and much more. Austin Hughes rack solutions combine next-generation structural integrity, cooling, power distribution, cable management, security, ease-of-use capabilities, and a wide choice of configuration options for increased flexibility.

All UltraRack

InfraGuard Integrated Rack Airflow Fans

Rack Fans

Helping you keep your data centre temperature under control, Austin Hughes offers a variety of Rack airflow management solutions from rear / front door mounted fans, 19-inch rack mounted fan units and raised floor mounted fan units.

All InfraCool

IG-TH01-2M / 4M - Temperature + Humidity Sensor with 2M / 4M cord

Rack Sensor Solution

For mission critical data centres, the ability to remotely manage the cabinet environment is vital. Environmental issues with cabinets, including high temperature & humidity, smoke, water leakage, physical threats, unauthorized door access, power and cooling inefficiencies can have a significant impact on operational performance and efficiency.

All InfraGuard

InfraSolution 800 Smartcard Handle

Rack Access Control

InfraSolution products enhance rack level security by upgrading existing racks with NumPad / SmartCard locks. Networked versions further increase your security and access efficiency through remote rack IP door access with HID Proximity or MiFARE swipe card control, temperature & humidity monitoring, and integrated control with monitored and switched rack PDUs.

Note, InfraRack Intelligent Racks include the InfraSolution rack access solution – no separate units required.

All InfraSolution

Remote Management Software

Austin Hughes offers an extensive range of market driven management software solutions to offer the most flexible device management for any application. Our range of software solutions help you consolidate and manage your rack power, cooling, environmental and access control systems.

Most of our Intelligent models include free software to remotely manage all the devices in your Server Room & Control Center.

Request an online demo now to try out our browser-based software. Interact with each rack device and learn more about individual features of our software before making the decision to buy.

Software Demos

Austin Hughes Software

Get Help With Your Solution!

Let us help you configure the ideal solution for your command & control center.

We support a worldwide customer base through global locations in the Americas, EMEA, APAC and ASEAN which is complimented by an extensive authorized channel partner network in all regions. Our experienced teams are committed to providing a truly harmonised support structure. Our expertly trained sales and technical teams fully cater for customer specific requirements on all our solutions with exemplary pre and post sale services.

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