Integrated Fan Unit

The biggest challenge in today's data center is thermal management. Cooling the equipment in an enclosed rack has always been important.

InfraCool® intelligent fan units are designed to have both local & remote management capabilities. Front panel LED and buttons allow the local monitoring and individual fan kit switch on / off. Moreover, fan speed can be adjusted automatically according to the temperature detected by the sensor. It provides adequate airflow and minimizes the operation cost for data center energy consumption.


Fan unit series for InfraGuard
Door Mount Fan Panel 1U Rackmount Fan Tray
Height 33U 1U
Fan Number 9 3 6 9
Total CFM 972 324 648 972
33U Airflow
1U Airflow
Daisy-chained Fan x 4 via EC Box
Temp. Port
Temp. Sensor
Control Panel :
• Individual Fan On / Off
• Alarm Temp. Setting
• Unit CFM ( fan speed ) Setting
• Temperature LED
• Fan Status LED
• CFM Status LED
33U Door Mount Fan Panel
Rackmount Fan Tray
Rackmount Fan Tray
Auto Fan Speed Control
Auto Fan Speed Control
Temp. Sensor Port x 1
Temperature sensor port