W Series 3-Phase PDUs support daisy chain connections allowing up to 16 PDUs to be cascaded via Cat6 cables. All the PDUs are remotely accessed via only one network IP address. The free management software provides easy-to-learn tools for the remote management of up to 800 PDUs anywhere around the world.

kWh Measurement

The sharp and highly visible display of the 2.8" color LCD with touch screen functionality provides local data of current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW), energy consumption (KWh), power factor of entire PDU. This data has a metering accuracy to within +/- 1%.

Field Replaceable Meter

Mission critical data centers cannot allow shutdowns for equipment replacement and maintenance, therefore W meter & power module are field replaceable units that are hot swappable without the need to power down the PDU.

Latching Relays

WSi / WS switched PDUs apply Latching Relays which consume very low power during outlet switched on. That highly saves the power required for internal hardware usage.

High Density Outlets

IT market trends for high density server and networking applications are causing rack-mount equipment densities to increase. W Series PDUs are designed to cope with rising power distribution demands.

Lockable IEC PDU

Lockable IEC Outlet PDU is available to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection. It is compatible to generic IEC cords and hence cost saving in locking cables.

Individually Fused PDU

W Series PDUs are available with the option of individually fused IEC outlets, to help prevent an overload of the active equipment and avoiding short circuiting the entire IEC outlet PDU.

External Sensors

Temperature sensors or temperature and humidity sensors are low profile design with magnetic based for easy installation to rack. External door mount PDU Display shows PDU amps & temperature ( without needing access to the server rack ).

PDU Mounting

InfraPower® PDUs are supplied with 2 types of mounting kits; Vertical Button Mounting Kit & Vertical Bracket Mounting Kit. The tool-less kits can be used on the majority of global branded racks.

IEC Secure Sleeves

IEC Sleeves offer added protection against the unintentional removal of cables from the PDU C13 or C19 outlets.

Colored PDU Chassis

Colored PDU casings and cords provide a simple way to enhance cable management and visualisation of power sources. It allows differentiation of power feeds ( A & B ) if required. Colors available include: black, gray white, red & blue.

Broadest Portfolio

In addition to supplying cost-effective standard PDU models with a great delivery schedule, competitive custom PDU configurations for specific user requirements are also available on short lead-times.