InfraSolution® S provides two FREE user-friendly software options. UTILITIES ISU-01 is ideal for the initial setup and simple operation. For more advanced requirements including reporting features and password security, MANAGER ISM-01 is available.

Comparison Table

Software Features Utilities ISU-01 Manager ISM-01
Max. 500 pairs of handle
Max. 50 user card authorization per handle
Dual or single card mode authentication**
Enable or disable door sensor detection**
Detailed user card information
Reporting on configuration details
Login password
** Optional feature

How to Configure the Handle via the Data Input Cable

After hardware & software installation, please take the following steps to configure the handle.

  1. Prepare the notebook computer with software installed ( Utilities ISU-01 OR Manager ISM-01 )
  2. Connect to the handle via the handle data input cable ( ISW-USB-1.8 )
  3. Make sure the handle has power ON status
  4. Configure the handle according to the UI
  5. After completing the handle configuration, please repeat the above steps for other handles One by One
Configure Handle via Data Input Cable