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Seeing the Bigger (Rack PDU) Picture

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Rack PDU Integration - Combining Power Management with Sensors & Peripherals

Seeing the Bigger (Rack PDU) Picture

Intelligent Rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit) data is displayed locally on the PDU via a colour touchscreen or a connected display mounted to the outside of the rack, it is also available remotely.

  • Current (AMP)
  • Voltage (Volt)
  • Power (KW)
  • Energy Consumption (KWh)
  • Power factor of the entire PDU

Power usage data can then be assessed, having been collated and reported using a web-based GUI (Graphic User Interface) or integrated into an existing BMS (Building Management System). This data can also be used for inter-departmental billing or in co-location data centres as a revenue stream providing accurate billing data to clients, with meter reading accuracy of the PDU at +/- 1%. Access to data without site attendance has become particularly crucial in 2020 whilst the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. In some countries digital infrastructure employees were given key worker status but it is not always practical to attend site and having the option to access data remotely negates the need for engineers to travel for certain functionality and information gathering.

Rack PDU Integration

Newsfeeds often feature data centre, network and IT outages and publicised eye-watering loss of earnings to organisations, making a justification for having more data and a better insight into your rack environment invaluable.

Integrating environmental sensors with intelligent rack power strips allows parameters to be set to monitor temperature and/or humidity fluctuations as well as power. Alerts can be set and remote notifications distributed to designated administrators enabling remote adjustments to infrastructure such as intelligent rack fan units to increase cooling in the event of a temperature hot spot. Door sensors and smoke sensors can also be integrated with InfraPower Rack PDUs.

New Dual LAN IP Dongle

Austin Hughes latest IP Dongle with dual LAN network failover provides an auto failover to a second ethernet-connection in the event of network interruption, ensuring 100% iPDU uptime reporting. Alerts can be received via SNMP, email (SMTP), and syslog when predefined thresholds are exceeded for both intelligent PDUs and environmental sensor events.

Explore InfraPower Intelligent PDUs

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