3-Phase Inline Meter

110V / 208V / 230V

3-Phase In-Line Power Meter

InfraPower 3-Phase Inline Meter is the most effective PDU enhancement approach to upgrade your basic 3-Phase PDUs with local monitoring plus remote management. Single feed in-line meter simply connects between the single basic PDU and the power source. Dual feed in-line meter model is available for providing metering features to two basic PDUs in a same rack. User also benefits from network IP saving, as two basic PDUs can be accessed remotely by one single IP. Real time power monitoring is available via the upgraded PDU with Inline Meter.

Key Features

  • 3-Phase - Quick & Easy PDU Upgrade

    Quick & Easy PDU Upgrade

    The InfraPower Inline Meter simply connects between the existing basic PDU and the power source. It eliminates the need to replace every rack PDU installed, dramatically reducing the project implementation time.
  • 3-Phase - Vertical or Horizontal

    Vertical or Horizontal

    Both vertical and horizontal mounting kits are provided.  The sophisticated 2.8" touchscreen meter display can be set to vertical or horizontal layout, whichever is most convenient to the installation.
  • 3-Phase - Remote PDU Monitoring

    Remote PDU Monitoring

    InfraPower offers 3 kinds of remote monitoring solutions for users' selection - Free IPM-04 management software ( supports up to 800 PDUs ), Web-base GUI or Integration to 3rd party DCIM via SNMP.
  • 3-Phase - Single Feed or Dual Feed

    Single Feed or Dual Feed

    A Single Feed In-Line Meter is the cost efficient metering solution for one basic PDU. Dual Feed In-Line Meters are also available, providing metering features to two basic PDUs in the same rack. Users can also benefits from network IP saving, as two basic PDUs can be accessed remotely by one single IP.
  • 3-Phase - 2.8” Touchscreen Meter

    2.8” Touchscreen Meter

    The sharp and highly visible 2.8" touchscreen LCD provides local data of current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW), power factor, energy consumption (KWh) of entire PDU. This data has a metering accuracy to within ± 1%.
  • 3-Phase - Save IP Address Cost

    Save IP Address Cost

    InfraPower® Inline Meter is designed to support daisy chain connections. It allows up to 16 Inline Meters to be cascaded via Cat6 cables - All the PDUs with Inline Meters are remotely accessed via a single network IP.

Inline Meter with 2.8” Touchscreen LCD

The 2.8″ color LCD with touchscreen provides a sharp and highly visible display of kWh, kW, Power Factor, Volt, Amp, Temperature & Humidity.

Apart from metering, InfraPower Inline Meter provides ports for daisy chain and sensor connection. W meter is field replaceable unit which is hot swappable without the need to power down the PDU and the mission critical equipment. Moreover, it provides real-time local & remote power monitoring with +/- 1% billing-grade accuracy.

3-Phase PDU Meter Diagram

Meter Reading & Setting

Amp, Volt, Temperature - PDU Power Meter Screen - 3-Phase PDU
Amperage & Peak Load Amp - Meter Screen - 3-Phase PDU
Power Factor, Active Power, Apparent Power, Frequency - PDU Power Meter Screen - 3-Phase PDU
Outlet Amp & kW - PDU Power Meter Screen - 3-Phase PDU
Temperature & Humidity - PDU Power Meter Screen - 1-Phase PDU
PDU System Overview - Power Meter Screen - 3-Phase PDU

IP Dongle
US & Worldwide Patents

With any rack mount device or in-cabinet PDU, one of the largest challenges is to integrate the device into the data center environment without simply building up additional connectivity, cable run, patch panel etc. or network related costs.

The Patented PDU IP Dongle provides IP remote access to the PDUs by a true network IP address chain. Only one PDU IP Dongle allows access to max. 32 PDUs in a single daisy chain – which is a highly efficient application for saving not only the IP remote accessories cost, but also the true IP addresses required on the PDU management. Hot-Pluggable design facilitates the IP Dongle installation. Simply integrate the PDU IP Dongle to the first PDU, then the entire daisy chain group can be remote over IP.

IPD-03-S - Dual LAN IP Dongle - Vertical

IPD-03-S  Dual LAN PDU IP Dongle

Vertical (For 0U / 2U iPDU)
Up to 32 levels in daisy chain


The new stylish Dual LAN PDU IP Dongle provides standard 10/100 & Gigabit Ethernet ports. The PDUs in daisy chain can be accessed via two separate networks and hence the PDU connection can be secured by dual LAN network. Apart from wired connection, WIFI connection is also available by optional USB port.

InfraPower IP dongle supports enterprise level IP authentication. For example, Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3 / LDAPS), Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, or local credential database. It provides free management software IPM-04 & web-based GUI. For DCIM integration, it supports SNMP V2 / V3 and REST API.

IPD-H03-S - Dual LAN IP Dongle - Horizontal

IPD-H03-S  Dual LAN PDU IP Dongle

Horizontal (For 1U iPDU)
Up to 32 levels in daisy chain


Daisy Chain Cascades up to 32 Levels

InfraPower Inline Meter not only provides the local power monitoring, but also the connection ports for daisy chain. Each Inline Meter can be easily be connected to the next in a series using Cat5/6 cables. With Dual LAN PDU IP Dongle (IPD-03-S / IPD-H03-S), up to 32 daisy chain levels can be achieved.

Inline Meter IP Dongle Cascade Connection Diagram

Power Management Over IP

Remote Power management helps reducing manpower and hence improving uptime and productivity. It also benefits users with capacity planning and increasing the overall efficiency of the data center. InfraPower® Inline Meter offers 3 kinds of remote management solutions for users’ selection.

Integrated Web-based Management Software (GUI)

A web-based GUI is integrated with our Inline Meters. It is ideal for some users who simply require the power
monitoring of power sources over IP.

Control Through 3rd Party DCIM via SNMP or REST API

Nowadays, many data centers apply the DCIM ( Data Center Infrastructure Management ) in order to centralize the management for monitoring power, cooling and environmental factors across facilities and IT systems. InfraPower Inline Meter supports SNMP V2/V3 and REST API integration and hence user can remotely manage the power via their DCIM.

Free PDU Management Software (IPM-04)

InfraPower Manager IPM-04 is the free, powerful and user friendly power management software provided with our Inline Meters. The Administrator can remotely manage their In-line Meters & PDUs and their respective sensors via a web browser. The Windows based software consolidates management of max. 1600 single & three phase In-line Meters or PDUs via 50 IP dongles. 5 concurrent user access licenses are part of the IPM-04 bundle, for achieving the demand of multi-user requirements in data center operations.

IPM-04 provides complete PDU monitoring / control and reporting functions for your data center.

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