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Quick & Easy PDU Upgrade

Quick & Easy PDU Upgrade

The In-Line Meter simply connects between the existing basic PDU and the power source. It eliminates the need to replace every rack PDU installed, dramatically reducing the project implementation time.

Vertical or Horizontal

Vertical or Horizontal

Both vertical and horizontal mounting kit are provded.

For local monitoring conveniency, the sophisticated 2.8" touchscreen display can be set to vertical or horizontal layout.

Remote PDU Monitoring

Remote PDU Monitoring

InfraPower offers 3 kinds of remote monitoring solutions for users' selection - Free IPM-04 management software ( supports up to 800 PDUs ), Web-base GUI or Integration to 3rd party DCIM via SNMP..

Field Replaceable In-Line Meter

Field Replaceable In-Line Meter

Mission critical data centers cannot afford power shutdown. The In-Line Meter design is field replaceable without the need to power down the PDU for meter replacement and maintenance.

2.8" Touchscreen Meter

2.8-inch Touchscreen Meter

The sharp and highly visible 2.8" touchscreen LCD provides local data of current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW), power factor, energy consumption (KWh) of entire PDU. This data has a metering accuracy to within ± 1%.

Save IP Address Cost

Save IP Address Cost

InfraPower® In-Line Meter is designed to support daisy chain connections. It allows up to 16 In-Line Meters to be cascaded via Cat6 cables - All the PDUs with In-Line Meters are remotely accessed via a single network IP.


Nominal input voltage 3PH 208 / 400V
Input frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Inlet & output cordset 1.5-meter cord
Local display Field replaceable 2.8" color LCD with touchscreen
Bank measurement Voltage ( V ), Current ( A ), energy ( kWh) & power factor
Accuracy ±1% true RMS
IP Access via IP dongle, one IP access up to 16 PDU levels
Cascade Up to 16 PDU under single IP address via IP dongle
SNMP via IP dongle
Sensor port x 2 Temp. Sensor / Temp. + Humid. Sensor
Product ( W x D x H ) 350 x 60 x 90 mm
Packing ( W x D x H ) 525 x 235 x 80 mm
Net weight 3 kg / 6.6 lb
Gross weight 3.3 kg / 7.3 lb
Extrusion color Dark
Extrusion materials Aluminum
Operating temperature -5 to 60°C ( 23 to 140°F )
Storage temperature -25 to 65°C ( 13 to 149°F )
Operating humidity 8~95%, non-condensing
Storage humidity 8~95%, non-condensing
EMC FCC & CE certified
Safety CE / LVD certified
Environment RoHS2 & REACH compliant


In-Line Meter with 2.8" Touchscreen LCD

The 2.8" color LCD with touchscreen provides a sharp and highly visible display of kWh, kW, Power Factor, Volt, Amp, Temp. & Humid. Apart from metering, InfraPower In-Line Meter provides ports for daisy chain and sensor connection.

W meter is field replaceable unit which is hot swappable without the need to power down the PDU and the mission critical equipment.

2.8-inch Color LCD w/ Touchscreen
Hot Swappable
Cascading up to 16 PDUs

Daisy Chain Cascades up to 16 Levels

InfraPower In-Line Meter not only provides the local power monitoring, but also the connection ports for daisy chain. Each In-Line Meter just simply to be connected in series to the next by Cat5/6 cables. Maximum 16 In-Line Meters are supported in one daisy chain group.


PDU remote management benefits users with capacity planning and overall data center efficiency. InfraPower In-Line Meter offers 3 kinds of remote management solutions for users' selection :

  • - IPM-04 Management Software
  • - Built-in GUI
  • - Integration to 3rd Party DCIM via SNMP
IPM-04 Features
Capacity IP Dongle Groups ( Just 1 for 16 PDU levels ) 50
PDU ( In-Line Meter ) Number 800
Concurrent Users 5
Energy Consumption ( kWh ) Monitoring
Apparent Power ( kVA ) Monitoring
Power Factor Measurement
Aggregate Current ( Amp ) Monitoring
Temp-Humid Monitoring
Alarm Threshold Setting
Rising Alert Threshold Setting
Remote Access via Web
Graphic User Interface
PDU Series
Three Phase - 400V
Three Phase - 208V
PDU Monitoring
PDU Monitoring
Temp. & Humid. Monitoring
Temp. & Humid. Monitoring

Model List


Model Amp Inlet ( male )
1.5m cordset
Outlet ( female )
1.5m cordset
[pdf] PW-16A_EN 16A → 16A 16A EN 16A EN
[pdf] PW-32A_EN 32A → 32A 32A EN 32A EN


Model Amp Inlet ( male )
1.5m cordset
Outlet ( female )
1.5m cordset
[pdf] PW-20A_L15-20 20A → 20A L15-20P L15-20C
[pdf] PW-20A_L21-20 20A → 20A L21-20P L21-20C
[pdf] PW-30A_L15-30 30A → 30A L15-30P L15-30C
[pdf] PW-30A_L21-30 30A → 30A L21-30P L21-30C
[pdf] PW-50A_CS8365C 50A → 50A CS8365 CS8364
[pdf] PW-60A_L530 60A → 60A 60A EN 60A EN

* 1.5m cordset standard for inlet & outlet. Specific cordset length available.

** Bundled In-Line Meter mounting kit supports rackmount or vertical mount.

400V Inlet Amp Cordset
area length
60309 60309 32A 4 mm2 2 M
60309 60309 16A 1.5 mm2 2 M

208V Inlet Amp Cordset
area length
60309 60309 60A 10 mm2 6.6 FT
CS8365C CS8365C 50A 10 mm2 6.6 FT
L15-30P L15-30P L21-30P L21-30P 30A 4 mm2 6.6 FT
L15-20P L15-20P L21-20P L21-20P 20A 2.5 mm2 6.6 FT