< I > Data Center

By mixed connection, InfraSolution® X can be scalable up to 3,000 racks. X-2000 and X-1000 InfraBoxes can be coexisted in the same network. Users are enabled to manage and remotely access all racks under a centralized and user friendly GUI.

  • Connect the 1st InfraBox in each daisy chain to the network switch
  • Connect the management PC and client PCs via the network switch
  • Up to 3,000 InfraBoxes / Racks
Data Center Scales

< II > Intelligent Building

It is essential for a Multi-Storey Intelligent Building to be applied with a centralized management system for the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as security, power, ventilation and lighting systems etc.

InfraSolution® X system allows equipment to be distributed throughout a building simply by deploying an Ethernet network. To keep capital costs down, InfraSolution® X can also be cascaded between boxes up to 100m over a Cat5/6 cable. Signal weakness problem for long distance between InfraBoxes can be solved by applying network hubs with repeater function.

Setup Scenario in the whole Intelligent Building

  • Connect the InfraSolution® X network in each floor via the network Ethernet / fiber switch
  • Up to 3,000 InfraBoxes / Racks
Intelligent Building Scales

< III > Remote Site

InfraSolution® X can be also applied to the remote site for access and monitoring over IP anytime and anywhere.

Remote Site Scales
InfraSolution® X Software License is required for each remote site / management PC

< IV > Branches

For a global or scalable company, it is vital to remote access and monitor the network of their nationwide and worldwide branches. InfraSolution® X provides an ideal solution to keep an eye on rack access security and environmental condition.

Branches Scales
InfraSolution® X Software License is required for each remote site / management PC