InfraSolution® X Manager X-ISM is a LICENSED rack management software to monitor up to 3,000 racks remotely.

Each InfraBox connects a pair of smartcard handles to secure the rack access control and connect a variety of sensors to provide an environmental monitoring solution. To enhance the functionality, up to 1,920 x kWh PDU / 960 x Fan Unit can be monitored through Manager X-ISM as well. Up to 100 concurrent users can access the management software remotely to achieve the demand of multi-user / multi-tasking in nowadays’ time sharing data center operation.

Manager X-ISM GUI


Capacity InfraBox 3,000
Concurrent User 100
System Setup Backup / Restore Setting
Time Rule Setting
Alarm Mail Server Setting
Audio and Visual Alarm Output Setting
Cabinet Overview Status of Door, PDU, Sensor & Fan Unit
Door Door Open by Remote
Last Door Open & Close Record
Sensor / Peripheral Status Monitoring
Temp-Humid Alarm Threshold Setting
PDU Energy Consumption kWh / Amp Monitoring
Outlet Level Measurement
PDU Outlet Schedule
Outlet Switch ON / OFF
Amp Alarm Threshold Setting
Amp Rising / Low Alert Threshold Setting
Temp-Humid Monitoring
Fan Unit CFM & Temp. Monitoring
Unit CFM ( fan speed ) Setting
Auto CFM Control Setting
Individual Fan Kit ON / OFF
Fan Unit ON / OFF
Chart / Event / Reporting System & Device Event Reporting
Temp-Humid Line Chart of InfraBox