MFP - Master Floor Plan

  • An actual Cabinet floor plan
  • To create Cabinet & configure the IP setting for the cabinet.
  • MFP can be more than one. No. of MFP is subject to the site scale & plan by floor, zone, building, branches or remote sites.
Master Floor Plan GUI

CA - Control Area

  • To build a Control Area for some specific cabinets to monitor, configure & control.
  • All cabinets In the CA should be loaded from the MFP.
  • CA can be more than one. How many CA is subject to the User plan.
  • CA has 2 modes : Edit mode & View mode.
  • Under Edit mode, users can configure not only cabinets but also devices such as PDU, Fan unit & sensors.
  • View mode is designed for users with limited authority so they can only monitor the status of Cabinet & device.
Control Area GUI Cabinet Status GUI

User Setup

  • To create a user list for building the user group.
  • Each user has his own login name & password for remote System login.
  • Each user also has his own smartcard for cabinet access
  • Before users join a user group, they can do nothing.
User Setup GUI

User Group

  • To form a user group from the User list.
  • To define the user group with authority and which Control Area(s) to monitor & access.
  • Each user subordinated to only ONE user group.
  • If the user wants to join one more user group, a new login name, password & smartcard number MUST be assigned.
  • Each user group MUST select ONE time rule. All group user can access the cabinet according to the time period of the selected time rule.
  • Without time rule assignment, All group user cannot access the cabinet.
User Group Setup GUI

Time Rule

  • To set time rules up to 32.
  • Afterward, all time rules will be shown in user group for their selection.
  • Only ONE time rule can be assigned to ONE user group.
Time Rule GUI