L120, 1U 20″ LCD Console Drawer

The CyberView L120 rack console features a 20″ LCD capable of 1600 x 1200 video.

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  • 1U 20" LCD console drawer
  • 1600 x 1200 native resolution / 16.7M colors
  • 104-key keyboard with touchpad
  • One Man installation design
  • Enhanced aesthetics with 2-point lock
  • 2-year standard warranty ( upgradable up to 5 years )


  • DVI-D / HDMI 1.2 video input
  • S-Video + Composite ( BNC )
  • Audio input & output
  • DC power : 12V / 24V / 48V / 125V
  • MAC or SUN Micro keyboard options available


Featuring a 1600 x 1200 20″ LCD display and notepad keyboard with touchpad or trackball, the CyberView L120 is the leading Rack Console solution for data centers & other IT environments. Enhance your rack by integrating a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and KVM Switch with this state-of-the- art, modular rack console drawer.

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20" Monitor

The L120 feature a high-quality display that support up to 1600 x 1200 native resolution / 16.7M colors.

Design for Standard Racks

Allows you to mount the console in 650mm* of space.

1U Rack Mount

The L120 mounts into only 1U. of standard 19" Rack Mount Space. Control your datacenter from only 1U.

Enhanced Aesthetics with 2-point lock

1U slim design with molded front handle

LCD Membrane

Provides a convenient way to control device settings & switch between sources.

VGA + USB Standard Input

Modular design supports a variety of integrated KVM options for your applications.

Integrated KVM Options

All-in-one Control Solutions

Austin Hughes offers a large variety of KVM switches designed to allow users to control & switch between all the computers in an environment from a single convenient 1U rack mount solution.

CyberView KVMs have been designed to be driver-free to work with all known software and computer platforms, and have been tested and approved for UL, CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS Certifications IT, manufacturing, SOHO, commercial, military, government, and broadcast applications.

Austin Hughes Cat6 KVM Switch with Local Rack Console, IP & Extended Users - Diagram
Austin Hughes CyberView Network IP Session
Network IP Users

Access all your servers remotely over the internet

Use a VNC Viewer or Java Web Browser to connect to computers sources remotely from anywhere in the world. CyberViews IP based method employs enterprise grade security using AES encryption and RSA public key authentication.

Austin Hughes CyberView KVM Extender Receiver
Extended Users

Integrated KVM Extenders – Remote Access

CyberView KVMs can also be optionally controlled by users from up to 150m (500ft) away. Integrated CATx extenders allow you to easily connect the included remote user stations over single CATx cables.

KVM Series

Optimize your rack space by integrating a KVM Switch into your Console Drawer, providing easy installation & streamlined access to your servers in only 1U.


High-density Cat6 KVM

Matrix Cat6 KVM
Local IP Remote 8-Port 16-Port 32-Port
1 1 1 - L120-MUIP1613 L120-MUIP3213
1 2 1 - L120-MUIP1624 L120-MUIP3224
1 0 1 - L120-MU1602 L120-MU3202
1 0 2 - L120-MU1603 L120-MU3203
1 0 3 - L120-MU1604 L120-MU3204
Combo Cat6 KVM
Local IP Remote 8-Port 16-Port 32-Port
1 1 0 L120-UIP802 L120-UIP1602 L120-UIP3202
1 0 1 L120-U802 L120-U1602 L120-U3202
1 0 0 L120-U801 L120-U1601 L120-U3201


Local IP Remote 8-Port
1 0 0 L120-801D


Local IP Remote 12-Port
1 0 0 L120-1201D


Combo VGA DB-15 KVM
Local IP Remote 8-Port 16-Port
1 1 0 L120-IP802 L120-IP1602
1 0 1 L120-802 L120-1602
1 0 0 L120-801 L120-1601

L120 Specifications





Screen Size

20 Inch

Display Resolution

1600 x 1200

Display Brightness

300 cd/m²




45,000 Hours




Technical Support

WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Please contact our experts for technical assistance.

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Package Contents

  • (1) L120 Console Drawer
  • (1) 6ft VGA console cable
  • (1) Power cord
  • (8) M6 screw, cage nut & cup washer
  • (1) 2-Year standard warranty upgradable up to 5 years

2 Years Standard Warranty

on all purchases. Expandable up to 5 years.

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Product Warranty

2 years standard warranty on all purchases. Expandable up to 5 years.


CE, FCC, REACH, ROHS2 Certified, and TAA Compliant.


MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failure) of 45,000 Hours.

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