600W SR Heavy Duty Rack


Austin Hughes UltraRack SR 600W White

SR Series 600W

Flexible, easy to install and energy efficient, the UltraRack heavy-duty rack and options let you address your IT needs quickly. The new UltraRack SR series combines next-generation structural integrity, cooling, power distribution, cable management, security, ease-of-use capabilities, and a wide choice of configuration options for increased flexibility.

The UltraRack heavy-duty racks integrates seamlessly with all Austin Hughes infrastructure equipment, including InfraAisle Containment, InfraPower PDUs, InfraCool Fan Units, InfraSolution Smartcard handles, CyberView KVM and LCD drawers.

In addition, we have made important structural enhancements from the previous version of racks. Enhancement has been made to help providing that your mounted devices are easy to access and receive more effective airflow.

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RoHS3 Compliance
REACH Compliant
Green Production
BSi ISO-Certified | ISO9001 | ISO14001
1500 kg Server Rack Load Capacity
3300 lb Server Rack Load Capacity
  • 600W -  Model Coverage

    Model Coverage

    Standard rack configurations from 42U to 52U in height. Custom sizes available on request
  • 600W -  Door & Cladding

    Door & Cladding

    Diversified selection of doors, side panels & top covers
  • 600W - Cabling


    Framework allows multi-dimensional cable pathways. Numerous efficient cabling options
  • 600W - AirFlow


    Air Blanking Panels prevent air recirculation by occupying unused rack space. Rack Seal Kits prevent air loss underneath the racks and the gap between racks
  • 600W - Cooling


    EXD Door removes heated air and prevents the build up of heated air inside the rack. InfraCool Fan Unit provides variety fan unit form factors for different cooling requirement
  • 600W - Power


    Metered PDU for cost efficient power distribution. Intelligent kWh PDU for remote management
  • 600W - Security


    Standalone smartcard handles with an affordable price and easy installation. Networked version enables complete smartcard rack access management with software
  • 600W - Control


    LCD console drawer combines the display, keyboard and touchpad in 1U rack space KVM allows remote or local access and control to multiple servers in the racks

Key Highlights

UltraRack SR 600W Open Frame

SR Heavy Duty Rack


  • Heavy-duty framework supports up to a 1500 kg static load
  • Perforated rack doors ensure ideal airflow patterns
  • Well-engineered to accommodate tool-less mounting of up to 4 rack PDUs
  • Framework allows multi-directional cable pathways and numerous efficient cabling options
  • Easy to deploy and adapt to aisle containment systems for more efficient airflow management
  • Quick release mechanism for doors and split side panels
  • Tool-less adjustment for front and rear 19″ rails
  • Individually keyed locks upgrade available (up to 500)
  • Built following EIA-310 standards to support multiple brands of servers and 19” rackmount equipment

Model Coverage

Door and Cladding

SR 600W Standard Package Door and Cladding

Fully Perforated 2 Co-location
Fully Perforated 4 Co-location
Front Intake Fan Door (10 Fans)
Rear Extract Fan Split Door (10 Fans)
Glass Rack Door
Steel Vented Rack Door
Rack Side Partition Plain
Rack Side Partition with Cable Entry
Rack Side Partition with Cable Brush
Plain Rack Top Cover
Rack Top Cover with 2, 4, or 6 Fans
Perforated Rack Top Cover

*1000 or 1200mm depth rack with 75 x 600 mm brush

Server Rack Cable Management


The primary purpose of cable management is to maintain optimal airflow and facilitate installations, upgrades & servicing of IT systems. As the number of IT components within each rack continues to increase, so do the number of power and data cables required.

Recognizing these challenges, Austin Hughes has responded with a comprehensive selection of optional components that allow users to pick the ideal cable management solution for their particular IT environment.

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Server Rack Airflow Management


Based on measurements at multiple data centers, as much as 50% of valuable conditioned air does not reach IT equipment intakes – mainly due to unsealed openings in racks. Because of this bypass air, a full range of rack and aisle sealing components is essential for increasing cooling efficiency and ultimately improving equipment reliability.

UltraRack® is designed to enhance thermal management in data centers by creating a one-way path for air to flow that mitigates mixing of hot and cold air. An ideal data center environment is created with the use of Air Blanking Panels and Gap Sealing Kits within aisle containment systems and server racks.

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Server Rack Cooling Fans


Thermal management presents big challenges for today’s data centers, chief among which is cooling equipment in enclosed racks.

InfraCool® intelligent cooling solutions provide appropriate airflow, while helping minimize operational costs associated with data center energy consumption. Make InfraCool® an integral part of your rack cooling strategy today.

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Server Rack Power


Rapidly escalating power requirements require a complete suite of rack PDU models to help data center managers meet rising demand.

InfraPower® intelligent PDUs can be integrated with your rack to provide power management, including monitoring from the PDU branch level on down to the outlet. Switched models are also available that can provide remote on/off outlet switching functionality from anywhere in the world. Offered in many sizes and configurations, our PDUs provide the voltage, current, outlet number and type of connections required to fit any need.

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Server Rack Security & Access Control


Rack access control has become critically important for all data centers and server rooms. To meet the increasing needs, Austin Hughes offers the InfraSolution S ( Standalone ) and InfraSolution X ( Networked ) series.

Server Rack Control - KVM & Display

KVM & Display

Austin Hughes solutions provide data center managers and administrators instant secure, local and remote access control to mission critical equipment.

Our leading edge CyberView LCD console drawer and KVM Solutions provide the widest range, available on the shortest lead-times in the market today whilst ensuring capital equipment and software management costs are kept to an absolute minimum.


Rack Accessories - Rack Cable Management Tray


Cable Management Panel
Ring Cable Manager, Pair
Full Height Cable tray, Hook & Loop Type, 150 mm Wide, Pair
Side Partition with Cable Brush
Rack Accessories - Airflow

Air Blanking

Plastic Tool-less Blanking Panel
Steel Tool-less Blanking Panel
Full Height Blanking Panel, Front Left & Right Side
Bay Seal Kit for Bayed Racks
Rack to Floor Seal Kit
Rack Accessories - Cooling


Basic Model
Intelligent Model
Rear Extract Fan Door (10 Fans)
Front Intake Fan Door (10 Fans)
Rack Accessories - Shelves

Shelf & Drawer

Fixed Shelf, 50 kg Loading
Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, 100 kg Loading
Sliding shelf, 30 kg Loading
Heavy duty sliding shelf, 100 kg Loading
Cantilever shelf, 20 kg Loading
1U Rack 104-key Keyboard Drawer
  • * Language selection: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea
Lockable Document Drawer, 30 kg loading
Rack Accessories - Others


Baying Kit
Copper Bus Grounding Bar, pc, with Insulator x 3
  • M6: M6 screw set, pack of 50
LED Light Bar with Magnetic Base & IR Sensor
Raised Water Resistant Top Cover
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